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I think it’s quite fair not to call previously worn designer items used ones. Since time is not a problem for pieces, quality of which remains equally good over years, there are a number of sites, where you can find genuine pre owned designer handbags at sane prices. The only thing to be checked before you start searching for the target purse is customer service and terms of policy. See if you can return a purchase once you don’t like it or it does not match the description. Also, such websites buy brand bags that you no longer want to carry at discount costs.

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Well, it can make sense to look for smaller online selling places of already worn handbags of famous designers (Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, etc.), but larger sites normally include major items ladies opt for. Today I want to review one site specialized in buying/selling pre owned authentic designer handbags from America. It has its peculiarities to be considered by customers, quality of bags seems to be quite fine though.

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This online store is rather big, and in different times you can find a sufficient amount of selling offers of authentic pre owned designer handbags by Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Miu Miu, Chloe and so on. Basically, it contains everything a normal website for sale does, but visitors can find its interface not quite friendly, especially if they have a particular model in their mind.

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You can sort results by price and quality (size, color and shape selection does not work). Together with that, you don’t get just bag finds. It’s rather a mixture of everything you might want to wear with your potential purse. If you don’t like the bag you received, you can return it after paying a 10% fee.

Choice and costs

Let’s talk a little bit about figures and prices. While I was writing this article, 1191 items of Chanel handbags were available (an additional filer includes styles); the same amount of Gucci production offered (1191).

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The cheapest Chanel bag costs from $600; Gucci bags start with $250 and Louis Vuitton purses go with approximately $400. It may be difficult to figure out costs because the site does not always display you goods of a chosen designer.

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Sell your bag


While visiting the website, you will come across selling offers in several places. If you are really interested in selling designer handbags pre owned by you, it is advisable to create your account there. They say they charge at least 30% of the price for bags in their list. For instance, if you buy this Chanel handbag at $995, in 3 months (90 days) you can return it at $697 (you will get back 70% from the initial spend).

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On the whole, seems okay, but some females might wish to leave it because of some odds while others can enjoy their new finding. 

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