Where and how to find genuine Prada handbags


Prada is the name which speaks for itself. I personally do not wonder why so many factories and individuals try to copy or slightly imitate Prada designer handbags. If you are looking for an authentic bag of this outstanding fashion house, you can happen to come across fake pieces. Here are two things you can do not to be fooled. First of all, look through websites and stores that are authorized to sell brand accessories. Secondly, follow the tips I will give you below in order to tell if a Prada purse is original.

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Local stores selling Prada handbags

You can undoubtedly find a limited collection of Prada bags at one of large up-market stores like Saks 5th avenue or Neiman Marcus. The good thing is they sell other authentic goods, for example, clothes for men and women, perfumes and shoes.

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There are a number of Prada stores in such North American cities as New York, Florida, Colorado, etc. It goes without saying that you can find latest collections and real buys at them.

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Websites offering Prada production

The number one place online were all possible Prada samples are featured is its official store.prada.com website (items can be sorted by size, material and fabric). According to its prices, an average fabric top handle purse costs about $1,190.

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If you want to try a Prada designer handbag before buying it (or if you are forced to tight your belt for now), go to bagborroworsteal.com and borrow the target purse for a while. It’s okay to look for it on eBay, too. Just be careful because items you can see there are often high-end counterfeits.

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So, the question is: how to discover if the bag you see belongs to designer Prada handbags. Similar to Chanel and Hermes, Prada goods are a result of manual work. It means that their edition is always limited, and their quality is beyond any praises.

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5 tips on how to investigate a supposed Prada bag

  1. Like other designer handbags, Prada items have an original logo (an inverted triangle of a matching color with a bag). It can be located in the center front/back/side part of it.
  2. Look for a metal plaque inside the purse saying Prada in silver or gold letters. The logo, the plaque and the bag design should create an ideal match.
  3. Prada’s hardware things carry the brand name too and come in gold, silver or rose colors.
  4. The inside covering of the bag should be of almost the same color with its outside part.
  5. Genuine Prada handbags come with two certificates, plastic and paper.

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