How re-selling designer bags?


Most important things to know when re-selling your designer bags online


Fashion is an ever changing machine. There is always a new line of products for the choosing with each new season. So as you increase your wardrobe with the newest handbag on the market, it is the perfect time to sell your older ones. What may be old to you may be the “new” bag someone else is looking for. To get the most for your designer bag there are 3 important steps to follow.

Price It Right

Put in a search for the same bag you are selling and see what others are selling it for. This will give you a good idea of where your price should fall. Take in to account the condition of your handbag, look for any flaws, rips, tears etc. that may bring down the value of your bag and price accordingly.

Photographs Are Important

The only thing the buyer has to judge your bag on is the photo you are showing of it. Make sure you take a photo that is well lit, preferably in natural light. Also, make sure the photo is clear and up close. Photos that show the inside of the bag the lining, stitching, handle attachment and the name brand are also key to a quick sale. If you are listing the bag in perfect condition make sure the photos can back up that claim.

Be Prepared to Share Your Earnings

If you use a site such as Ebay to sell your bag, remember that they will take 9-12% of the purchase price. On line consignments shops will do all the work for you, however their fee can be anywhere from 25-50%. There is comfort in selling your item on a well known site and that may be worth the slight loss of income, just be aware of the fees before you post.

Knowing these tips will help ensure a quick and successful resale of your designer handbag.

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