10 Surprising Facts about the Hermès Birkin


10 INTERESTING FACTS about the Hermès Birkin

It’s indisputably the most gawked over bag in fashion what else could there be? You would be surprised, here are 10 things you probably did not know about the Hermès Birkin bags.

1. The Birkin is officially the worlds most expensive handbag.
That is right at Christie’s auction in Hong Kong the world’s most expensive Birkin sold for $223K. You can’t tell me this is just another bag.

2. Hermès started out by making accessories for horse.
The original symbol of status, the horse drawn carriage, was the first thing to sport this famous luxury. In 1837, mini handbags were not yet conceived, so Hermès made saddles and harnesses.

3. Hermès Birkin bags are not even listed on their website. Sorry prime members, you cannot buy now with one click.

4. The bag was born on a flight from Paris to London while sitting next to Jane Birkin.
Hermès’ chief executive at the time (1981) got the inspiration from Jane Birkin expressing a need for a better bag, she was delivered the first Hermès Birkin in 1984.

5. It takes more than a week to create a Birkin.
Only one artisan, with their own tools, creates each Hermès Birkin bag and the process takes more than a full work week to complete.

6. Although you cannot buy this top mini handbag online, you might get lucky in a store.
Rumors are that walking into a store at the right time with the right employee you may be able to buy a Birkin right then and there.

7. Jane Birkin gets a royalty.
A small percentage of every bag sold goes to Jane Birkin and then gets donated to charity.

8. Jane Birkin once demanded that her name come off alligator bags.
Due to moral beliefs Jane Birkin wanted her name removed from alligator Hermès Birkin.

9. Each bag smells different.
Due to different leathers and the buffing painting and polishing process each bag has a unique smell.

10. Birkin bags will last you a life time.
Hermès Birkin bags can be repaired for the length of your life and Hermès even offers a special “spa treatment” to help refurbish older bags.

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