Vintage designer handbags. Chanel’s contribution


Like any other high-quality accessories, handbags are best proven by time. The fact that vintage designer handbags are so much asked for after many years since their manufacturing shows how high prices for authentic purses are justified with long-lasting properties. Probably, it’s one of reasons why classic brand bags for women get a lot of replicas, which can repeat some original features but never exceed them. In terms of vintage bags fashion, Coco Chanel is considered a woman who has reinvented her own style to meet needs and demands of a few generations to come.

Chanel’s comeback to handbag fashion

If you look around, you may be surprised that almost every female carries a vintage piece which was once introduced by 71 y.o. Coco (Chanel 2.55 model). Famous for her aspiration to bring women the sense of convenience and power, she offered a long chain clutch to rest on a shoulder instead of being carried in a hand in a classical two-strap purse. Surely, Chanel’s vintage totes are not just this kind. Anyway, be ready to spend from $400 on time-proven accessories of a fabulous designer house.

How to identify designer vintage handbags

As they say, not everything is gold that glitters. The same this concerns vintage items that are more likely to be fabricated. Even though you may be not an expert in these matters, some clues will not let others fool you.

Smell. Leather contributes a peculiar “old” smell to a vintage piece and proves its genuine origin. Newer fake samples are not able to repeat it. When bought in a good condition, a seasoned handbag will never have worn edges or skin cracks.

Seams and corners. Everyone who has ever owned one of vintage designer handbags will never underestimate its quality. If you see odd irregular seams or poorly sewn corners, don’t doubt. It’s a low-end copy.

Labels. Such worldwide brands as Prada, Gucci and Chanel manufactures put labels with embossed logos on their purses. In particular, Chanel always adds logo to a zipper pull, shows a serial code (7-8 digits) since 1990 and inserts its logo (overlapped Cs’ from the top and the bottom) in lining.

Vintage designer handbags attract fashionistas so much because they conceal details of an individual style and can complete any image – classical or informal – thanks to their universal and simple fashion. A red or black one-strap or two-handle bag by Chanel is like a black dress is women’s wardrobe. You never know when you may need it. 

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