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Michael Kors designer handbags are something every modern woman would like to possess, and the demand for brand accessories increases every day. Many people wonder why Michael’s products are so popular nowadays. The answer appears to be quite simple. Given the fact that ladies are concerned with sizes and age, he offers purses with “not size, no age”. Indeed, you can find an appropriate choice for any occasion – a small handbag for night parties; roomy bags for office and everyday use; tiny messenger and across the body handbags. Kors is distinguished for use of catchy colors in his works – either a small colorful decorative element or an outstanding bold logo.

History behind Michael Kors reality

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One thing I can tell you for sure is that Michael is more than chic American bags or trendy wallets. His fashion carrier started in the age of 19. At first, he would study at Fashion Institute (NYC) as a clothes designer. His collections were sold at such renowned stores as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Then he was invited to work at the Celine fashion house (till 2003). After that his solo work began, and he is best known for universal and affordable to many women bags.

Famous collections

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Michael has been acknowledged as the designer of the day by many experts because he never losses grasp of current urban needs (one of his collections was devoted to urban gloss in combination with sport trends).

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As any designer handbags, Michael Kors lines offer bags of several kinds (clutches, totes, satchels and so on). The most asked for collections are Michael Kors Satchels, Michael Kors Totes and small bags. Probably, the most popular model both among celebrities and fashionistas is Uptown Astor MK Satchel made of calf’s leather (color solutions include traditional black, vanilla, lapis, brown and some others). It looks like a universal purse for all purposes (it is fine to be worn everywhere) due to a reserved design, a medium size and careful studded decorations. Celebrities are often pictured with MK bags, and this particular satchel was carried by Heidi Klum.

Michael Kors designer handbags sale

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Surprisingly, it’s rather easy to buy his products, especially if you search for them on his website. Even though they don’t cost that much, – the cheapest one goes under $300 – the quality remains at a high level. Also, michaelkors.com offers free shipping and special discounts (holiday catalogues).

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