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Louis Vuitton has been long featured among the most expensive and wished handbag designer brands. Many women can just dream about having a LV purse in their collections, however, wealthier ladies (business women, celebrities) can easily afford them. One of recent fashion news says that Vuitton’s prices for bags will go up, and quality of materials will be improved too (only high-end leather will be used).

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The solution to offer Louis Vuitton designer handbags at much higher costs is the result of the French designer house’s aspiration to compete with more profitable brands. Experts assume that LV was the status choice in the beginning of the 21-st century, and there is a need to regain this position.

Outstanding designer Louis Vuitton handbags

I guess it is right to start with the newest samples, which are supposed to raise the brand level to such famous handbag producers as Givenchy and Chanel. I hope you won’t be shocked with these crazy prices because its W handbag and Capucines bag cost over 3,300 and 4,700 dollars, correspondingly.

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Other popular models include the Alma style and its Colorful ostrich subtype. Basically, the name speaks out everything about the purse: a classical shape is combined with ostrich leather and different color options. Take a look at it here.

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Of course, I can’t help mentioning LV monogram speedy bag that has been considered the “it” purse for 50 years in a row. Speedy bags vary in size (25-40), which is reflected in the item name (Speedy bag 25, 30, etc.), and are listed among top classical handbags for women. The price is rather affordable for well-off customers (about $675 -$750 depending on the model).  If you’ve come across some cheap proposal (like $150-$200 for a bag), it is either a pre owned purse or a replica.

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Indeed, some copies are fairly good in terms of quality, but still you can feel the difference (like LW instead of LV, poor threading, different dust wrapping, etc.). All that stuff is Louis Vuitton designer inspired handbags, not authentic ones. Real LV production is sold only at its own website louisvuitton.com and authorized offline stores.

Curious facts about LV

  • All designer handbags, Louis Vuitton, are handmade, so don’t worry about high costs and quality. Both of them are worth the purchase;
  • These brand bags are quite costly since they are unique, that’s why LV is number 1 in the list of the most replicated companies;
  • Louis Vuitton designs can’t be legally copied by competitors because their striped samples are their trademark.

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