Foley and Corinna is a handbag empire


Foley + Corinna handbags – no one can refuse to buy

Foley & Corinna is a handbag empire. It happens sometimes. Two girls have met. It was random and happy dating not only for them, but for fashion and art.

It turned out, that they have very similar views. Dana Foley was a fun at the Chelsea Art and frequent guest at the Antique Market. Anna Corinna was the same. Even then, they were trading their wonderful creations. Their cooperation has yielded excellent results. Council of Fashion Designers (USA) introduced them in its membership in 2008.

They are designing and manufacturing not only versatile, comfortable and beautiful tote bags, but they are doing and small bags, including for the most chic and celebrity women.

Large collection of the tote bags is. Many of the bags are included in this collection, amazingly beautiful form, made of cowhide leather, weighs only 22 ounce.

Main collections are: Duffels & Totes, fine Shoulder, Satchels, wonderful Hobos, embossed Clutches and small Evening.

You can buy handsome Black Leather bag for only $ 30.

Cost of bags is in the collections are in the range from $40 to $500 dollars. Everyone can find his bag.

The most prestigious supermarkets has bags of this brand on sale

Hollywood actresses, musical celebrities and even TV show star — a model Kim Kardashian, for which all America watching for her life, prefers Foley+Corina bags.

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