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Even though the coming winter is expected to be cold, famous handbag designers try to raise our mood by focusing our attention on bright accessories. In particular, you can find fur bags that not only comfort but also diverse with a number of colors. Like other brand purses of 2013/2014 trend, Fendi designer handbags come as fully furred pieces or leather ones with fur stripes. The Italian fashion house decided to break the stereotypes and introduced catchy colors to contrast woman’s clothes. It even created a Bag Bug video, in which each little furry beast is brought to life.

Watch it:

So protectors of animals’ rights had better stay off this new collection because they will be shocked!

One way or another, Fendi costs pretty much to be bought just for one season. If you are looking for something more universal to be carried regardless of the weather conditions, why don’t you see if you like these recently introduced iconic bags?

Fendi 2Jours (from $1,850.00)

The whole world was anticipating the moment when the IT bag by Fendi would be born. Spy Bag and Fendi Baguette produced some 10 years earlier were expected to turn into symbols of the brand, but it never happened.

Fendi designer handbags foto - 1 Fendi designer handbags foto - 2 Fendi designer handbags foto - 3 Fendi designer handbags foto - 4


They say this Fendi designer handbag is a competitor of the handbag by Celine Mini designed in 2011. Its typical features are sides made of suede or pony hair. The strap length can be adjusted to your initials thanks to a customizable handle tag. The spring-summer 2014 collection includes this famous purse, and its sides are open to make it look wider.

Fendi Peekaboo Mini Bag (from $1,480.00)

Unlike medium designer handbags, Fendi Peekaboo mini purse has a longer cross body strap to be carried on a shoulder, worn across the body or held in a hand. Its small size determines an amount of stuff to fit it (a wallet, mobile phone and some cosmetics).

Fendi designer handbags foto - 5 Fendi designer handbags foto - 6 Fendi designer handbags foto - 7

Comfort features: a signature turn lock clasp, two sections inside the bag and one zip pocket. During the Milan fashion week offered by designer Fendi handbags included this one, too. It was fully updated with fur and furry stuff.

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