Christopher Kane handbags: Structure meets style


A Christopher Kane handbag isn’t your typical designer handbag. These structured bags feature details such as buckles, unique patterns and embellishments. A Christopher Kane handbag is truly a piece of artwork.

Кристофер Кейн-Bag-

Christopher Kane’s brand launched in 2006. The brand has stormed British fashion ever since. His line embraces timeless notes while bringing a modern edge. Their brand story tells the tale perfectly as “transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.” He has also won several industry awards. Kane truly takes a personal and interesting approach, especially with his designer handbag line.

Кристофер Кейн сумки

Kane’s Autumn/Winter 2015 handbag line is filled with warm colors and shiny patent leather. Buckles are a recurring trend in Kane’s handbag styles. The frill velvet and leather tote is a great winter accessory with a feminine touch. An everyday bag that is still a conversation piece.

The Resort 2016 line for Christopher Kane handbags show pops of color. Smaller handbags and clutches are the working theme for this line. Bold patterns speak to the fashionista in you. The black envelope clutch with lace details gives the traditional trend a modern take.

The designer handbag line for Spring/Summer 2016 screams summer. The bold pink, yellow, and orange shades make you want to lay by the pool with a Popsicle in hand. Daring graffiti and snakeskin prints will give an edge to your summer wear.

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Кристофер Кейн сумки 9 Кристофер Кейн сумки 10 Кристофер Кейн сумки 11 Кристофер Кейн сумки 12 Кристофер Кейн сумки 13

Кристофер Кейн сумки 14 Кристофер Кейн сумки 15 Кристофер Кейн сумки 16 Кристофер Кейн сумки 17 Кристофер Кейн сумки 18
The gorgeous handbags designed by Christopher Kane exhibit unique craftsmanship. Quality is never sacrificed with a Christopher Kane bag. The brand speaks to every person with a wide array of styles and colors.

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