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Chanel is often associated with its legendary 2.55 flap bag, and it’s quite fair. Time passes, designs win and lose their places in fashion, but the style remains almost unchanged. Of course, there are many others outstanding bags of this famous fashion house, but Chanel 2.55 is a classic. As any other promising investment, Chanel designer handbags are far not cheap (from $3 000 for a piece, depending on its size), yet you can try to find the It bag on sale. Maybe you will be lucky once…

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I don’t know whether Coco expected this creation of 1955 to turn into a status token, but now it’s a fact. There are many replicas of designer Chanel handbags, and this Chanel 2.55 bag is probably the most copied one. Surprisingly, she was rather optimistic about fake pieces because it meant that people liked her works and wanted to get the imitation if they could not afford an authentic one.

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Regardless of the fact that now a classy bag has several variations (it is made of calfskin, silk, caviar or fur), and it has been reissued by Karl Lagerfeld, the rich still seek for it and consider it one of two greatest handbag solutions alongside with Birkin by Hermes.

Behind the curtains

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I guess you might want to know how the idea of this bag was born. As usual, Chanel was rather observant with regard to needs of her contemporaries. Her aim was to make females’ hands free (she was tired of carrying her own bag in hands, too) and design an original piece that would combine chic and modesty of socialites. Ironically, straps in the form of chains were traced from her childhood years, during which she had seen keys dangling on the waist of caretakers.

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The Chanel fashion house is so well-known both because of its high-priced and high-quality products. For an ordinary woman a price of $3 000+ for a purse sounds crazy, but it is worth each spent penny. Chanel handbags come as limited editions because each bag is a 10-hour handmade work. Basically, everyone who wants to buy a genuine accessory has to know that over time its cost will be compensated with quality.

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Depending on the country you live in, it will take you about $2 500-$3 000 (the lowest price) to purchase Chanel 2.55 flap. If you can’t afford these famous designer handbags, Chanel accessory is available for hire. Approximate expenses for a rent are $320 per week or $960 per month (on special websites).

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Although not everyone can buy Chanel, handbag designers of other fashion houses will not offer you something to fully replace this status item. Just remember to check if your target purse is original!

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