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Kenan Abbas sel — the founder of the brand Сashhimi, was born in Turkey. The name of the company is the abbreviation, which consists of letters taken from her, her husband and her two sons names. After she graduated from university in Turkey, she started her way to high fashion, by creating luxurious knitted items and accessories to them manually, decorating them with Swarovski crystals.
In 2007, Kenan presented the top leather clothes, which attracted the attention of specialists, and then she opened own studio.
The brand Gashhimi was born.

Kenan is making the bags for following fashion women and those, who indeed can to appreciate the handwork and the unique beauty, which she is able to give the skin. Her bags are for independent women.
Here are collections of bags — main of them:

  1. Exotics
  2. Clutches
  3. Totes
  4. Shoulder Bags
  5. Bowling Bags
  6. Crossbody Bags

The variety of colors allows to pick up a bag to any garment.
Delightful accessories to the bag, such as laptop and sun glasses cases, will help to create an image peculiar only to you.
Cashhimi bags
Any woman can choose the bag according to her flavors.
The cost of the clutch (mark Amsterdam, leather) is just $100.
Prices crossbody bags (Virginia, leather) are in range from $230 and up.
Luxury Bowling Bags (Balboa, alligator) costs $9875.
Unique Shoulder Bags (Drawstring Austin, leather), before beauty this bag is hard to resist, which can be purchased for $320.
Cashhimi bags has won popularity in Europe and America.
Cashhimi handbags
Cashhimi handbag
Cashhimi bag

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