An insider’s look at the Gucci brand


This time the Italian fashion house surprises us with its new autumn-winter collection and an exclusive video that helps learn a little about the brand history. Gucci designer handbags are intended to only business ladies who prefer different lines and cuts. A new line of bags displays classical purses and clutches to be liked by many trendy girls. Gucci offers us such rare leather choices as ostrich and crocodile, and it’s not only Gucci designer who introduces them in current and coming seasons. If you look at colors, they are surprisingly brighter than usual. However, you can clearly recognize chic, luxury and high-end quality in brand accessories.

Color variations in designer Gucci handbags 2013-2014

Gucci-designer-handbags-foto-1 Gucci-designer-handbags-foto-2

Gucci suggests a quite wide color palette, from neutral to catchy choices. Black bags, which are especially popular with women because of their universal nature, are surely there. They look especially good with elegant dresses and classic pants. In order to make its bags even more stylish, the Gucci house even attempted to match leather with fur. Such models acquire refreshed looks and seem more appropriate for the cold season. Other produced by designer Gucci handbag solutions are cheerful red, juicy orange, calm blue and neutral brown.

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Handbag shapes and details

As I’ve said, now the target audience for Gucci handbags is businesswomen, hence the predominance of a medium size, practical in wearing handles and somewhat stiff shapes. Given an average length of bag straps and their firm round shape, trendy designer handbags, Gucci, have to be carried in arms rather then hold on the shoulder.

Gucci-designer-handbags-foto-5 SONY DSC

If you look at new Gucci handbags, designer handbags are so charming that it’s difficult to pick your favorite. Well, it’s tricky, but Gucci has always been intriguing. Here is one more piece of curious information from the Gucci goods brand.

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Bamboo Confidential

New accessories including Lady Lock and Bamboo Shopper are presented in an exclusive video shot in a famous London hotel room. It’s a sort of a peep into the brand history. The thing is the Gucci label founder worked as a hotel lifter in his young days and often saw the London elite that booked rooms there. These reminiscences inspired him to create the luxe leather goods brand for the riches.

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There can never be too many high-quality handbags, so newly offered Gucci items will find their appreciators and lucky holders.


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