Abaco handbags from Paris



Their joint activities have opened in 1987. The brand Abaco occurred. There is island Abaco. It is said that the island is the sailing capital. Abaco bags evoke associations with this little cozy island. They also are quite attractive in the big world of bags. One of the founders, Raquel, was a makeup artist. She is the top-ranked unique developer now, who feels not only by eyes, and the texture is not by the touch, but by the soul.

Guy Achache is gifted manager and partner. Their home is Paris. Every season, the public sees new collection. Any fashion-monger can choose hot product.

Diversity is in the choice. The most popular from top 50 collections are 5 of them: Joe, Olivia, Odelia, Eve and Jamily. These bags are nice and comparatively cheap. Paris Abaco Bag, depending from the article, costs from $ 116.19 and above. The Abaco bag Olivia costs $ 207.71.

Abaco is releasing on the market as a cheaper so and expensive, and even very expensive models, but all are of high quality, beauty and elegance. They are targeted for different categories of buyers.

Abaco bags are French product, but deserved recognizing worldwide. There are possibilities to buy in New York, Madrid, London, Tokyo. You can book any item on line, from wherever you are.

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