5 renowned Italian leather handbags designers


Italian handbag designers are traditionally singled out not among “colleagues” not only by the territory sign but also due to the attitude to quality they usually put forward. I am sure any lover of trendy and expensive purses would be more than proud to have some sophisticated Italian accessories in one’s collections. Most likely high-end leather bags made in Italy are associated with such names as Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Toscanella and others. Each designer house has a bit of history behind, which shows the evolution of style and an unchanged quality over years.


Born in Toscana (Italy), the collection of this designer typically wears vegetable tanned leather. It’s well known that color can change the end look of each piece, and this brand production reveals such regularity in practice. Besides that, handbags with more than leather type are offered. As for colors, only shades make a difference.


Produced by a famous Italian designer, handbags have always been considered status accessories opted for by business ladies and busy women. Every detail in Prada products tends to emphasize values of the logo and quality it offers. One of recent designer’s lines initiates fashion for varicolored pieces in a diversity of shapes and hues. Times change, Prada always remains asked for and never underestimated.


Undoubtedly, this representative of Italian leather handbag designers hits the demand charts for bags in the market now. It’s not a secret that women often hunt for the brand, and only then they consider shapes and colors. Indeed, quality is nothing to care about since it goes without saying. The two interlocking Gs logo is a must for each wealth-off female today who appreciates elegance and sophisticated solutions.


If you ask fashion critics what Fendi means in the fashion industry nowadays, they will tell you that carrying hand accessories of this brand is cool. The great thing about Fendi is that collections of this designer house combine modern trends with classical motifs and create a wide choice of purses of multiple colors from neutral and bright palette, which take each woman’s breath away once she sees them.


When it comes to Italian leather handbags, designers sometimes start to produce them in the course of time, since fashionable clientele looks for them. In the case of Ferragamo, bags appeared later after shoes, the first women’s wear sold by this designer won their niche on the international market.

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