Weightlifting gloves for women: myths and nuances


Weight lifting is useful in many ways both for men and women. Three good reasons why it is so sound as follows: it’s fun; it helps improve metabolism; it prevents muscle aging. Due to a special nature of weightlifting workouts, trainees often experience calluses, blisters, or sore hands. Pure bony female’s hands can’t stand it. Luckily, each girl involved into this kind of sport has a right way to reduce side effects by wearing women s weightlifting gloves.

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Pulling heavy bars is actually an activity of only few women, but they suffer hand problems not less than males. I know some trainees refuse to wear hand protecting gear because they find it uncomfortable to lift loads in it. It’s only half the truth.

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Common myths

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Wearing weightlifting gloves leads to the degradation in dexterity and an excessive sweating. It’s strange to hear professionals saying it because naturally tender female’s palms and fingers can turn into a huge sore if used barely while working with weights.

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To feel as comfy as possible in a pair of  womens weightlifting gloves, you, girls, need to look for a good fit and high-quality padding. It happens that girl’s hands covered with security gloves seem too bulky. If you search for a target item with padding that is just okay to protect fingers without overloading them, it will be a success. However, your weight lifting gloves should not be loose either.

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Purchasing nuances

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Depending on your spending habits, you can buy a pair of gloves for training at athletic shops, online stores, or sport stores around the corner. An average set costs from $10. It’s not advisable to be thrifty when it comes to safety so you’d better define a golden mean between price and quality. Before ordering an item in an Internet shop, try it in reality (at a local store where it usually costs more) to see how well it fits your hands and wrists.

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It’s not only hands that suffer when you do a lot of weightlifting exercises during workouts. Loads lower than one tone normally require no active interaction of wrists, but you can prevent possible troubles by picking a pair of gloves with wrist holders. Take care of your back too and buy a weight lifting belt at the same shopping place (prices fit the frames of $30-$80).

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The word goes that designed for women weightlifting gloves don’t allow females feel a true grip which may be needed in real life (for instance, when they must fight with an assailant). Although I don’t deny this fact, keeping hands on a safe side remains crucial.

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  1. Good article. Thanks for sharing. Female Weight Lifting gloves is very useful for women’s as it avoids various side effects. Wearing gloves while you’re lifting will cut down on callus formation and allow you to lift as much or as often as you want.


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