Women’s leather gloves: winter 2013/2014


It’s commonly known that hand’s skin is very tender and it needs special care, especially when it’s severely cold around. A good solution for this purpose is trendy womens leather gloves which have been always considered an implementation of chic and elegance. They cope well with the task of creating a unique and feminine image together with their main warmth function.

 Women’s leather gloves, photo #1 Women’s leather gloves, photo #2 

Clothes manufactures offer us a variety of cute women’s gloves, and they always try to make up with something original to encourage purchasing interest and allow each precious lady to find a pair to be matched with other outwear items.

Why leather?

Women’s leather gloves, photo #4 Women’s leather gloves, photo #5

Leather itself has good warmth-keeping properties. To all, it is capable of keeping a desirable shape and adding some charm to every piece of clothes, in which it is used. Different color choices enable everyone to select the best pair of leather gloves for women to any type of outfit for a harmonious ensemble.


Women’s leather gloves, photo #6 Women’s leather gloves, photo #7 Women’s leather gloves, photo #8

2013-2014 winter fashion imposes a few types of length for gloves – super short, long, and average ones. A true woman knows how each nice and well-chosen pair of them can accentuate a casual look, add more elegance to a night-party image, and complete a formal office style.  This season long leather gloves women like to wear hit top charts in the gloves wearing fashion. A long cut can harmonize with any kind of clothes, as I’ve said, except a sport one. Special love for this option comes from previous centuries when women used to wear them for cosmetic aims holding their hands covered with oils underneath gloves.

long-leather-gloves-women-LengthWomen’s leather gloves, photo #3

 ! While picking a long pair of gloves, make sure they fit your hands closely. Believe me, when they are too big, your hands will seem as big too. If you can’t move your hands wearing them, it’s nothing good either.


Women’s leather gloves, photo #11 Women’s leather gloves, photo #12

Designers still believe that classical subdued colors deserve being top trends in winter vogue. They popularize them in their new collections, allowing just counted deviations in such hues as dark-blue, red, orange, and yellow. Thus, in case of black leather gloves, women prefer them when they kind decide on colors of other items in their wardrobe to be put on with hand accessories. Perhaps, you find plain black boring, then look for the same black pair decorated with poppers and folds.

Women’s leather gloves, photo #9 Women’s leather gloves, photo #10

Matching outwear

When it comes to leather gloves, women are often ready to spend more money on them instead of buying knitted or textile pairs because they are costly, durable, and universal. Although vogue experts don’t recommend wearing leather with down-padded coats, none forbids you making your own choice. Fashion is freedom of thoughts and behavior…


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