Winter work gloves – women have to read it!


While doing outside works in summer requires wearing womens work gloves just to prevent hands from getting dirty, winter gloves are supposed to perform two functions – secure from dirt and frost. If you are about to go buy your pair hand accessories, look through this article to figure out which lining and type of material is ideal for gloves in your case. Also, I’ll tell you how to clean and wash work gloves for women, staying off professional cleansing services.

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To begin with, I suggest you to ask for gloves with thick lining that is capable of pushing the moisture off the skin and keeping the whole hand in maximally comfy and save conditions. The most widely chosen cold winter gloves are made from gortex.

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Gortex women s work gloves

Such gloves contain an additional layer of warm padding to provide palms and fingers from cold wind and frost. Keeping in mind the fact that wrists normally feel uncomfortable too when the wind blows, gortex gloves contain long cuffs which don’t allow a centimeter of bare skin for a person involved into works.

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Thinsulate womens work out gloves

Snow and rain are the ugliest weather surprises when you are forced to work outdoors. While you can put on waterproof shoes and a raincoat on feet and your body respectively, a pair of thinsulate gloves will be your right choice as well.

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For harsh cold

Depending on the wearing purpose of work gloves, women require more or less insulation. For instance, if you are driving a car, you can easily stick with ordinary gloves containing several layers of padding. Lady’s hand accessories shouldn’t look old-fashioned or boring, and more so that leather work gloves for women cope with slight frost pretty fine. On the other hand, if you don’t need elegance in daily yard works, look for gloves that insulate the whole hand, even fingertips to reduce chances of frostbite.

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Choices of womens leather work gloves

Leather means practicality to a lesser extent. If you do outdoor shopping, for instance, and need to actively move your fingers but still don’t feel cold, a pair of leather gloves with fur or fleece will serve you right. Still, leather can’t stand excessive moisture, so watch out.

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Cleansing issues

In case with leather work gloves, women have to clean them in a routine way. At first, rub dirt off them and wash them in soapy water. Then rinse them is a fair volume of running water. Massage all gloves’ fingers and their padding to prevent clots. Finally, air-dry them and add them an initial shape.

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