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Whether you are a female golf player or just a person, who is looking for gift ideas for someone else enjoying golf, there are many interesting accessories you can buy to feel better on the golf field or see others appreciating your present. Although the most important thing in this game is good performance, some auxiliary gimmicks can help sufficiently upgrade your level.

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At first, let’s see which golf accessories for women will be wanted by females practicing golf. Clothing lines provide a great choice of lightweight and comfy suits to make you feel convenient and not overheated while performing your set. In the meantime, basic items to help you feel trendier and more “like at home” include, among others, birdie belts, visors, accessory bags, putter covers, and golf towels.

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No one except you can know better how such simple thing as a small birdie belt can simplify life during your swing. Considering the fact that it is not heavy, you can carry all necessary little things in its pockets like divot gadgets, tees, scorecards, to name a few.

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Hair popping in your eyes and sun rays are perhaps the two worst obstacles in gold playing, but you can quickly remove the two by putting on a visor. Pick a glam one to keel two birds with one stone – get rid of what irritates you and make yourself individual there.


So, why are we talking about novelties here? Take a normal accessory bag to keep all necessities right at hand during the game. If it’s too sunny, take a sunscreen tube, a water bottle, and a light snack with you. Fit all these items in one comfortable bag.


Also, find some spare place in your accessory bag to accommodate a putter cover (it comes in a whole lot of fashions and colors) and a couple of golf towels (one to remove moisture from your golf equipment and another to wipe away sweat from your forehead if it’s too hot).

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Now let’s project the situation when you are not a golf player and don’t imagine what kind of golf accessories for women your gift taker needs. Among winning options are jewelry pieces (necklaces and cool bracelets depicting golf tees, balls or famous golf club emblems.

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If you want to be practical while congratulating a female golfer on New Year or any other occasion, buy a gift bag with golf tees, balls and golf ball markers inside. Also, you may add a membership card to a local golf course upon availability.

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The final touch is decorative golf accessories for women for home. I guess it’s the easiest choice like golf-themed frames, wine holders or a custom golf oil painting.
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