Trendy bicycle accessories for women – 5 pieces


Bike gurus may find it unnecessary to look for glam accessories for their transport when a bicycle itself is already everything they need. Although I’m not an expert in it myself, I stand for original gimmicks which can make our life a little more special. I guess the list of the following cute little things will be the most interesting for women who prefer bikes to cars and would rather spend a good hour outdoors than sit in a traffic jam.

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Girls, forget about bulky baskets or under saddle bags because now you can buy something nice and leave your car forever. One of comfy items among bike accessories for women I like are a wicker basket wrapped around your bike’s frame. Even if you’ve already seen somebody carrying necessities in the basket similar to this one, don’t worry. Choose a catchy color or a combination of hues for wickerwork or form a picture while plaiting. Such a container holds everything you need – from a snack to a purse with cosmetics.


If you don’t like this DIY wicker stuff, purchase a normal basket fastened on handlebars, just don’t leave this patterned black color on. At least, repaint the basket into an aesthetically more pleasant color like yellow or green.


I know that baskets are not of every girl’s liking, so if you can’t imagine your neat bike holding another bulky accessory, see Pro Campo bag. It has a special fastening to be adjusted to the back wing instead of handlebars. Depending on your personal preferences, these bags come in a number of colors and sizes.

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It’s nothing new to use a chain to hook your bicycle when you are in the open air, but you can replace a plain item with creeper-like accessory for these purposes.


The last trendy piece from this list is actually a series of harley davidson accessories for women. House of Harley Davidson hosts everything each modern female biker ever wanted – gloves, belts, boots, heated gear, helmets, leather jackets, rain gear, eyewear, to name a few. Just to advise you where to search for these pieces, visit website.


Even though it’s high winter around and summer is five months away, it’s right time to start getting ready for Cycletta that is a girls-only bike ride, on which you can show all best bicycle accessories for women you own. I hope you’ll soon have a good time taking a spin.


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