Running accessories for women – trendy and comfy ones


Running is health, good mood and many happy years of life. This kind of sport looks attractive for many women because of it is affordable and requires no training devices or costly sport equipment. At first sight, it’s just enough to put on a sport suit and trainers to start running. But running can be not as comfortable as it may seem. To turn it into a pleasure, consider buying certain useful and cool running accessories for women.

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General ideas

I guess it makes no sense to spend much time on saying that a runner needs good running clothes and shoes. Manufacturers of sport textile pay considerable attention to this fact. As a person involved in outdoor activities, you just have a couple of super comfy and appropriate for any weather wearing choices.

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During tiresome training procedures you may start feeling extremely thirsty. It doesn’t mean you can drink much water, but keep at hand a small bottle with a right top to fill in your water balance.

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If you want to combine use with pleasure, take a small mp3 player with you. Thus, you will be able to do running, listen to music or radio, and breathe in fresh air. Your mp3 device has to be firmly adjusted to accessories on your clothes.

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When it comes to summer or running while it’s too hot outside, don’t forget to wear a band to wipe redundant wetness from your forehead and face. Attach it around your wrist or use a head band.

Handy running accessories for women

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Besides visual belongings, it’s important to have a couple of things to control the way you feel like a pulsimeter or an electronic stopwatch. Other comfort devices are small belt bags and ankle pockets to store keys, phone, money, and other little things every woman needs.

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TOP 5 technological running accessories for women

  1. Painkilling clothes – both primary female runners and professionals are worry about muscle pain after trainings. Leggings, knee-pads and leg warmers with a cooling out effect partly prevent this problem while it only appears;
  2. Trainers with gel – tiptoe and heel parts of shoes are filled with magic silicon, which prevents hits against the asphalt, and reduces loads on knees and back;
  3. Special headphones – it’s an alternative for women who want to listen to music and listen to outside alarm signals while running;
  4. An elegant fitness indicator – it’s a coin gadget that measures steps, burned calories and distances. It can be hooked to clothes, a neck or a wrist;
  5. A wrist computer – the greatest thing about it is coaching features. If you do running in a wrong way, it can suggest you how to readjust your running time in an optimum way. Try one!

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