Motorcycle gloves for women – 4 seasons


In a motorcycle racing, pilots have to pay special attention to the protection of their hands. Even in everyday life everyone reflectively advances one’s arms ahead while falling down. Each lady involved into any motorcycling activity has to secure her hands as well as possible as females’ bones are more prone to injures than males’ ones.


I’d recommend you to buy womens motorcycle gloves in accordance with needs of each time of the year. As for materials, my personal preference is leather because it keeps tender girl’s hands elegant and protected. However, you can buy a pair of simple textile gloves.

Summer women s motorcycle gloves


Gloves for motorcycling for the hot weather have to perform two main functions: prevent hands and fingers from sliding and remove redundant moisture from them. For this purpose, manufacturers offer lightweight textile or thin leather gloves. Leather ones are thought to be more reliable because when you happen to fall, fabric motorcycle gloves will be torn and your hands hurt.

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You can also come across womens fingerless motorcycle gloves in summer collections. If you feel comfortable in a pair of such accessories, purchase it. I see few disadvantages in them. First of all, they are nothing good in terms of safety if you fail while driving your motorcycle. Secondly, under the bright sun your fingers can be tanned while the skin of the rest of your hands remains of a lighter color.


Interseasonal motorcycling gloves for females

Many pilots consider this kind of gloves the best option as it can be worn during almost all seasons, especially as there are interesting hands “cases” to be put on over simple work gloves. Such an alternative for several seasons is so much appreciated thanks to its security lining and additional padding.


Winter solution


I see many tags with womens leather motorcycle gloves on shelves of specialized shops and online stores, and I like leather bids most of all, but it can be easily spoiled under snow or rain. If you don’t want to wear any other fabric gloves, keep a spare pair of cheaper ones (or that same hand “cases”) in case the weather gets ugly.


Anyway, remember that motorcycle gloves women are supposed to wear have to be chic, high-end, and feminine. Forget about options with thick fingers. All the more so that a cute neat River Road leather item costs about $26.


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  1. I had a misconception that gloves are same for all season. But you proved me wrong. In fact, different season requires different types of gloves!!! Thank you so much for sharing such helpful news.


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