Gun accessories for women: opt for pink, be stylish


There is no distinction between men’s and women’s activities and hobbies. Once guns were considered masculine, but now girls actively use this weapon for professional and safety purposes. Pink guns are no surprise for us, but this color solution is a good way to accentuate once again what girlish attributes are. One more task is to be special even with a number of traditional shooting equipment you’ll find at online and local gun stores. Such women’s gun accessories as range bags, grips, ear muffs, trigger lock, protection glasses and some other options can do it for you.


1. Range bags

That’s the first pink thing a shooter will crucially need. Nowadays manufacturers offer a lot of choices for any preferences and budget. Some companies like Brownell produce pink sets of bags for different occasions. In particular, this one allows fitting a rifle, a pistol, and a M4 rifle in separate cases. Personally I can’t imagine a range bag to be unavailable in sale.


2. Slings

This one is one more item of gun accessories for women that serves for security aims. Depending on how well-protected you want to be, look for glamorous pink slings in one, two or three point systems.

3. Grips


A grip is more fashion that comfort but still it is worth being mentioned. They come in many variations – from Hogue’s rubber options to falcon ones. The starting price for this pink accessory for women is about $20.

4. Holsters

When you really deal with guns, you need to know that it’s securely hooked to your clothes or your pocket. Pink holsters made from leather, kydex and nylon are the most widespread in the market. Some accessories of this kind are even flexible. If you want one, check Kahr Arms goods.

5. Ear muffs


While the shooting range is at its peak, it’s so loud around. You must have something to protect your hearing from deafening. A normal choice will be a cute pink device that reduces noise by 28 decibels. You can buy one at approximately $35 price.

6. Rose-colored protection glasses


The last most important component among gun accessories for women is anti-impact glasses. In case you want to buy ear and eye safety devices in pink all together, see if you like Browning’s sets.


It’s not a problem to find an appropriate set of glam gun accessories now as gun companies consider modern demands. All you have to do is to choose necessities you like the most.

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