Gimmicks in winter gloves for women 2013-2014


A true woman will never forget to take care of such trendy accessory as gloves. Once they were just a mandatory piece of lady’s wardrobe. Now it’s not a must, but fashion designers produce so many cute and diverse variations of them that every girl, even the most pretentious one, will find her wanted pair.

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Long winter gloves for women 2013-2014

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Although brand collections have solutions of different length, long gloves are the most topical this winter. One of practical guesses why it is so is that these same designer houses offer down-padded coats with shortened sleeves too. On the pics given below you can see items by Gaultier and Philipp Plein.

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If you particularly love long decorative gloves, it’s definitely your season. You can meet both forearm/elbow gloves and the ones covering almost the whole arm.

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As a rule, winter weather allows trying either extra warm or lightweight gloves at certain periods. Here is why you will have an opportunity to wear traditional warm winter gloves for women with fur lining, go for a walk in a pair of fingerless mittens which open fingers only for a bit, or even replace them a muff.


Popular materials of 2013-2014 women’s winter gloves

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Leather is considered the first material, from which designers started to manufacture gloves. Today wearing leather pieces of clothes and accessories mean not only practicality but also stylish looks. You can choose gloves from white, black, varicolored leather, or copycat textiles.

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In case you prefer fury gloves of long cuts, search for Iceberg and Donna Karan collections. The third popular material is suede that is best accentuated with short leather jackets. Girls, who like to add different accessories to their images like wrist bracelets, rings, and watches, are especially lucky as now they can put on their favorite decorations over winter gloves.

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2013-2014 colors of the best winter gloves for women

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As usual, classical and practical black, traditional white, saturated brown, dark-blue, and soft pastel shades are preferable colors. One of favorites among designers is red introduced by Nina Ricci, MPatmos, Vivienne Westwood, and some others. The next hit of the season is two-color gloves. I guess it’s the best choice for women who can decide between two favorite hues. If you are interested in such things, check new fashion lines by Balenciaga, Iceberg, Genny, etc.

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