Choosing golf gloves for women – basic tips


A golf glove is extremely important while playing golf, so it can take a lot of time and efforts to find an ideal solution. This article is intended to provide you with a few pieces of advice on how to choice a comfy item with due consideration of anatomic peculiarities of a female hand.

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While trying on womens golf gloves…

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If you are at the sport store looking for a glove for your tender hand, follow these tips. Put on one glove carefully, smooth out all wrinkles and see if you can easily move your hand in it. Ideally, you should feel maximally comfy and free. It’s especially important in case you want to enjoy dealing with a club as much as possible.

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Left-handed women and girls normally put on a right glove, and right-handed females try on left gloves correspondingly. Some ladies with really small hands check both gloves at once. However, it can be an issue to purchase a matching pair of golf gloves for women because each glove is usually sold separately.

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Note: think in advance whether you want both gloves at once as you will experience difficulties while searching for another glove in accordance with the one you have.

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Brand women s golf gloves

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Experts recommend using professional golf gloves to ensure oneself with top confidence while sending the ball. Sensosolutions offers a smart glove with sensors and a screen to help a newbie elaborate good golfing skills. As you know, first of all, a golfer has to hit a golf ball so that it will reach one of holes in an opponent’s field. Ironically, the stronger you want to hit, the looser your grip should be. A smart glove will control all these important details and signal you how to do everything correctly.

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One more good choice is bionic golf gloves for women. Both the brand and its products are highly appreciated by professional female gold players. Bionic technology is a new page in the history of golf gloves. In particular, it concerns women playing this game. Three major advantages of these accessories are:

  • Anatomically specified relief pads
  • Motion zones to provide breathable areas for hands
  • Second skin sensations
  • Durability

A standard glove (each glove is sold as a single one) of this brand costs about $25. Fore cold weather gold trainings, womens winter golf gloves have to be capable of providing free fingers’ motions and keep warmth.

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Care issues

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Bionic golf gloves are safe for machine washing (certain washing conditions are defined by the model, so check the tag before cleaning them), just make sure you’ve secured Velcro fasteners well.

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