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It can take a lot of time to discuss how each of us likes or dislikes our job. Sometimes we find our work boring or monotonous, especially if we are bound to office desks. I give a 99% guarantee that the worst thing about your working duties is waking up too early in the morning. One of good ways to add a couple of catchy spots to your routine workplace is picking awesome office accessories for women.

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D-BROS office solutions

Stickers and business cards are two main attributes on each desk which can turn a trivial day into a long period of playing with creativity. The Japanese company D-BROS got this idea and offered unusual stickers. Each set looks like an apple or a pear while stickers are their unpeeled slices. For them to resemble real ones even more, the manufacturer packed them into nets, just like fruits in supermarkets.


As for original business cards, they can make every woman’s day once they see how charming they are.



Russell+Hazel office desk accessories for women

Pure conveniences are in the past. Now everyone willing to create a cute yet formal atmosphere around one’s office desk is looking for improved and modernized pieces. The author of Russell+Hazel’s creative project (this company is focused on the production of office stuff) was a former architect who applied a creative approach to normal things. His series of accessories for Audrey women is performed in a vintage style & Hollywood classics.


The idea of glamorous office accessories for women is simple and nothing new. However, chic ladies estimated this solution. Thus the market of common office desk accessories was extended into a necessary and promising direction.

Office accessories for women as gifts

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When you’ve almost run out of money but New Year celebrations are already knocking at the door, it’s a great opportunity to surprise your female colleagues with small and cute office knick-knacks. Thus, you will present them with something they really need and never put somewhere in an old box in the attic. Pick a funny pen, a glamorous dairy, or a flesh card of an unusual shape or smell (like lemon or apple).

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If your office team is friendly, go to a printing shop and order desk calendars with your common photos at different occasions or meetings. Choose bright or funny backgrounds to make each colleague smile and recall your creative present every time she looks up a target date.  By and large, you can create a gift yourself and fit it in frames of your office code.

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